Sunday, January 18, 2009

Update on rescuer shot recently—she's home!

For those of you keeping Bunny in your thoughts and prayers, I'm posting this follow-up from her sister-in-law Shelly Patton.

Carreen, you captured the essence of Bunny beautifully. When she is feeling stronger, I look forward to watching her read this. She isn’t aware of the blogger’s comments and for now that is best. When she begins to seek out information on her own, I know this writing will be such a blessing to her, set apart by the tenderness with which you wrote. On behalf of Bunny and our family, thank you.

She is out of the hospital and in the best environment possible for healing; surrounded by her children, grandson and ferrets, with family and friends filtering in and out ensuring she is not alone. I’ve seen Bunny smile.

Still, it will be a long journey before she is truly home, but she isn’t walking alone.

Thank you to everyone for walking with her through your prayers and well wishes.


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