Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Safety in numbers

Coyotes prowl the perimeter of the property. I keep my cats safe with an enclosure that screens in the porch facing the forest. All day, they go in and out to lounge around, cuddle up together, or just watch the creatures moving in the forest -- birds, mice, grasshoppers. It's all TV to them.


Anonymous said...

This is such a great little article - short as it is, it carries a huge and profound message to all cat owners. The message is that even a very basic enclosure will do the job of keeping your kitties safe. Exploring the great outdoors sounds wonderful, but it all too often ends in tragedy. Contrary to the belief of some, cats do not NEED to be free. They can even be perfectly happy on a window ledge, checking out the wildlife through a screen. Good work, newshound!

Jani said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I do the same with my cats. They have an enclosure attached to the house with a cat door to the house so they have free access to outside but are still safe in the enclosure and can bird watch too like yours do. I get flack from some people that say that they "need" to be free, but just 2 weeks ago I saw a coyote cross the street in front of my car with a cat hanging out of its mouth and so now I don't care what anybody says to me; my cats are going to be safe.