Monday, October 19, 2009

Addicted to love

Krista Wiendat shares a bonding moment with baby John.

My interest in photographing human beings used to be lackluster at best. But I have to admit that’s changing. As my hope swells in the power of people to better the world, humans have started catching my shutter’s eye.

Here’s one from the mouths of babes.

I spotted Justin Vance and Krista Wiendat standing outside a restaurant cradling their baby boy John. The baby had his mom’s eyes, but his dad said he sees his son’s striking resemblance to himself at that age.

“He looks just like I do in my baby pictures,” Justin said proudly.

John is three months and five days old. His parents are young, just 22.

“We aren’t a couple,” Justin informed me.

Justin and Krista might not be together as a couple, but because of John’s arrival, he makes them family just the same.

While Krista and Justin cuddled young John, a gospel revival amped up into full swing across the street at the farmer's market.

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M. C. Allan said...

What a beautiful little family! That baby has a classic baby-as-metaphor-for-hope face :)