Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fruit of the loam

This is the most beautiful and complex artichoke I've ever seen.

I admit it, I'm uncouth. I didn't grow up visiting museums. Never taken an art history class. I'm mildly embarrassed to admit it took the popular culture book Da Vinci Code for me to comprehend how art relates to the world.

Now that I'm finally starting to get it, I'm growing addicted to something I don't understand.

The fodder that's feeding my addiction this week is coming from Erica Epperson. The self-trained art deco-inspired artist opened her show at one of my favorite spots, the Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham, Wash.

I'm enamored with her work, probably because she shows fruits and vegetables in such gorgeous light.

Erica Epperson brings sunshine wherever she goes.

There's something magical about rhubarb. On the Prairies, rhubarb grows wild all over the place. Little kids pull it out, pour sugar on it and suck on the sour stalks. Rhubarb and strawberry pies are pure heaven. Perfect blend of sour and sweet.

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