Thursday, October 2, 2008

Every litter produced costs lives at shelters

Pit-mix puppies from a litter of 11 are ditched at a shelter

Last week, I stopped to pet a Terrier tied to a pole outside a Toronto cafe. A man on the street slowed down to talk about the Terriers he used to breed, trying to convince me that his behavior was responsible as long as the puppies he put into the world "all found good homes."

Considering the fact that most animals won't find forever homes, his ability to track where all his dogs ended up was doubtful.

Citizens who want their family pets to experience the joy of motherhood need to understand the lesson they are really teaching to their children. It’s not the miracle of life. It’s the senseless and irresponsible perpetuation of death. Even if you find responsible homes for each animal in the ensuing litter, they will take spots from shelter animals waiting desperately for somewhere to go -- a family to love, a bed to lie at the foot of each night.

If you really want to teach your children about compassion and humanity, spay and neuter your pets.

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