Thursday, October 2, 2008

Teaching your pup good manners adds to his appeal

Well-behaved dogs have a better chance at adoption

It’s common for animals to be dumped at the shelter at eight to ten months of age, once their novelty and cute baby animal factor has worn thin. The responsibilities of animal stewardship set in, and the promise of lifelong commitment evaporates.

Having outgrown their adorably clumsy, big-pawed stage of puppyhood, doggie teenagers are much harder to adopt than their tiny counterparts. Untrained and out of control, their young bodies not even fully grown and filled out yet, they sit hopefully in kennels waiting for few opportunities. Cats don’t fare any better.

Even if you think you don’t care if your dog is well trained, the day might come when his life may depend on his manners. Someone you know, or an animal shelter, will have to deal with the problem you created.

Do right by your dog. Train him well using reward-based training – not fear – and train him young.

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