Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Your letters made a difference!

Council removes references to specific breeds before passing ordinance

The power of the people is alive and kicking in Monroe, Washington. More than 200 protestors converged on the tiny city (pop. 14,000) for the council meeting last night to show support for the 12 breeds that would be labeled “potentially dangerous dogs” if the proposed ordinance was enacted.

Residents joined animal lovers from nearby cities to support the innocent dogs targeted by the legislation. The protestors proved that individual voices combine to create a roar that can’t be ignored.

Several hours of testimony was presented. The ordinance, which toughens up the laws for aggressive dogs, was passed, but council stripped it of breed references for now. Dogs on the hot list will get six months of clemency while the council studies the issue. Council plans to revisit the ordinance language in 180 days. When they do, I’m sure animal lovers everywhere will be just as vocal.

If you took time out of your busy day to write in to support Kobe, a gentle Hurricane Katrina survivor, and other dogs just like him, thank you on behalf of the dogs who can’t speak for themselves.

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