Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sweeter than sheet cake

Yesterday I posted a photo of my cat Sugar Paw, formally known as Henry Pissinger because of his compelling duality: a zest for spraying urine coupled with a knack for negotiating spats between cats.

In the picture, he was peeking out from between the sheets. But I failed to tell you the whole story. On several occasions, Sugar Paw has found himself mid-flight, snatched from his warm nest when I've decided to change the sheets. Keep in mind I do this task every couple of days. When you have nine cats, the bed quickly turns into a fur-infested litter box.

Today he came rushing out as soon as he felt the covers rustling, so he didn't take a trip on the flying carpet.

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Shelly said...

Too cute, Carreen. Sweeter than sheet cake. I absolutely love the title for this post :^)