Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Doing the dog paddle

I've spoken to several professional photographers who look down their noses when asked if they've considered taking pictures of animals.

They seem to think that it's beneath them. That unless their subject is inherently human, they are somehow less than. They don't get that capturing an animal's traits -- both human and non-human -- can be just as challenging and profound as the rewards garnered from people portraiture.

If only they would step outside themselves to regard the magnificence of another species.

Brooke Mayo is a shutterbug who is fully cognizant of the beauty that walks on four legs. The North Carolina photographer has poured her canine crush into a new book launched this week, and the images are stunning. It's called Diving Doggies: A Celebration of Play Underwater. You can buy it on Brooke's website.

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asmara said...

That last photo with three dogs? Outta sight! The sheer joy is palpable. :)