Friday, September 18, 2009

Watching the paws go by

Justin Hadaller (left) and Kyle Burt hang with Tatayana and Dakota.

While I love working in the solitude of my forest, there are times when I crave white noise. A din of background sound was the backdrop against which I learned to write as a 19-year-old cub reporter in a busy newsroom.

When the buzz bug bites, I take my laptop into the world to write from busy places. There’s an added bonus: I find photo opportunities and stories begging to be told all over the place.

On my travels today, I met Justin. I approached him because I thought his dogs might make a nice photo.

It turns out the dogs aren’t his. At 25 years old, Justin believes he’s still too young to make a lifelong commitment to an animal. So for now, until he gets his own dog or two, he volunteers to dogsit for friends, and he does it for free. Today he was watching 10-year-old Tatayana, a Husky, and Dakota, a Malamute who’s five.

Even though they barely know each other, they are clearly in like.

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