Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bald is beautiful for this dog groomer

Three-year-old Willow lets the wind ripple through his hair.

People who do something for a living would rather not perform the same task when they relax. I've met cleaners with outlandishly messy houses, mechanics who don't change the oil in their own cars, and estheticians with chewed-up nails.

So when I ran across this dog groomer with a mostly hairless dog, it made perfect sense. In fact, Natalie Delorme has two of the Chinese cresteds.

"I like the hairless part of it because I'm a groomer," said Natalie, owner of Indogneat-o Pet Grooming in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Still, Willow and his sister Flower -- who stayed home this particular day -- aren't without spiffy hairstyles. Willow's locks are dyed blue, while Flower sports pink.

Natalie stops to chat about Willow, who turns heads wherever he goes.

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