Thursday, April 30, 2009

Princess and the pee

Life is short from down here.

A long-haired Chihuahua named Princess visited Winnipeg's North End today with her family. The fancy doglet is touring one of Canada's most dangerous neighborhoods. A gang-infested, drug-addled heart of darkness. Dogs and cats -- whether strayed or barely owned -- wander the streets.

This is just a few blocks from the dumpster where 10-year-old rescuer Calli Vanderaa heard a puppy crying last summer. The soot-covered dog survived despite being set on fire and tossed like trash. Jessie's two siblings weren't that lucky.

But Princess isn't phased. She's got it a-a-a-l-l-l under control.

For a round-up of stories detailing what girl rescuer Calli Vanderaa and her dog Jessie have survived living in this rough and tumble neighborhood, go to Stumbling across the ghosts of childhood past, March 6, 2009.

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