Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dog seeks career in show biz

Okay, so here it is. This really doesn't fit into the mission of my rescue blog, but it was too cute to resist posting. Sometimes I just can't help myself when the cuddle factor is off the charts.

I received this email today from Les Palmer, the guardian of Kaiya Bella. He is seeking acting and modeling opportunities for this itty bitty dog. She's a cross between a Maltese and a Bichon Frise. Could she be any cuter?

Here's what Les said about his beloved Kaiya Bella, a 4.7 pound ball of fluff:

"Kaiya is a puppy and has no previous experience but I'm actively perusing projects for her to get experience under her paw. She is very photogenic, and is currently being trained to take the world by storm.

Kaiya Bella is an adorable little dog with an outgoing personality and an appetite for the spotlight. She loves people, dogs, haute couture, eco-friendly products, modern design, liver biscotti, belly rubs and afternoon naps. She is also known by her fans as K-Bella or Bella. Kaiya is waiting for her big break. Hollywood or bust! Ruff ruff!"

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