Monday, April 27, 2009

Waterlogged bison saved!

A herd of soggy bison is high and dry now, thanks to some kind help from local government officials.

When the plight of the 250 animals standing knee-deep in floodwaters hit the news, the municipality of Rockwood offered the Balmoral, Manitoba farmers a perfect solution: a nearby dead-end municipal road that's hardly used.

Rancher Len Epp was grateful for the offer, and got to work right away on his new makeshift corral. He used steel paneling to barricade both ends of the farm road so the bison wouldn't take off, and then dropped hay bales down to lure the gigantic beasts to their new stomping grounds.

Epp reports the bison are thrilled about their new road-worthy accommodations.

"They're going to be OK now," he said.

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